Caterpillar Wellness Services

What is Caterpillar Wellness Services, and what programs are currently available for employees?

The Caterpillar Wellness Services team focuses on supporting your health and well being, both at work and at home. Finding the time to get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet and manage a busy lifestyle are common roadblocks to living healthy. We can help with: 

·        Wellness exams

·        Fitness and nutrition advice (such as “Ask the Dietitian”)

·        Weight management programs

·        Onsite activities (such as walking programs and health fairs)

·        Food services

·        Travel medicine

·        Flu prevention

Wellness services, healthcare benefits and the Employee Assistance Program are all part of the redesigned Caterpillar Health and Wellness Program. Created as part of the Total Rewards package, the Caterpillar Health and Wellness Program is a comprehensive offering that includes a new wellness vendor, ActiveHealth.


What additional resources will ActiveHealth provide?

ActiveHealth provides a private and secure website with quick access to much of your health and wellness information so you understand where you are doing well and where you may need to improve. Upon registering at you can customize the website to fit your wellness needs, track your health numbers and more.


How do Caterpillar Wellness Services and ActiveHealth work together?

Both are committed to helping employees and family members achieve their health and wellness goals. The Caterpillar Wellness Services team provides onsite support for employees and their families. ActiveHealth serves as a comprehensive health information resource and external wellness consultant. Both entities work together to help achieve optimum health.


Can I still get a free wellness exam?

Caterpillar health plans offer free wellness exams (formerly called “health promotion exams”) to eligible full-time U.S. Caterpillar employees. Employees may start participating at age 25. Participation may continue at ages 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, 43, 46, 49 and each year after 49 until retirement. The exam is a two-part process that includes lab work, EKG (age specific), health history and a comprehensive physical. Please note, you must contact Caterpillar Medical at 877-838-0596 to arrange your exam.


Is my wellness exam information confidential?

All information given during wellness exams is confidential. If you instruct Caterpillar Wellness Services to share your biometric information with ActiveHealth, we will do so.


Do I still need to fill out a Health Risk Assessment twice a year?

Yes. Starting in January of 2014, ActiveHealth will introduce a totally new online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) designed to provide immediate, actionable recommendations in a confidential manner to participants via a secure website. There will be no change in the healthcare premium reductions for participants who complete the HRA. Be sure to register on This will allow you to access the online HRA, which you will need to complete twice a year starting in January of 2014.


Is my Health Risk Assessment information confidential?

If ActiveHealth identifies a possible opportunity to improve the quality of your healthcare, information may be shared with your doctor. ActiveHealth understands and respects the privacy of personal health information. Its programs are secure and confidential, in full compliance with federal and state law.


What happened to Healthy Balance and some of the related programs?

Healthy Balance, Quit for Life and Lifestyles for Health were retired with the implementation of the redesigned Caterpillar Health and Wellness Program.


Who can I contact with additional questions about wellness?

To contact Caterpillar Wellness Services, call 309-675-6945. To contact our wellness vendor, ActiveHealth, call 888-227-6539.